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DentaSked is a mobile scheduling solution that lets you search for dentists near you, book dental appointments that fit your busy schedule, and get appointment reminders right in the palm of your hands in less than a minute.* You can even choose your dentist based on the dental service that you need and and your health card coverage.

*Depending on internet speed and phone specifications. Wi-Fi connection is recommended or a minimum mobile data speed of . Requires iOS version 9 and above.

DentaSked is now available on the App Store and soon on Google Play Store. If you are an Android user, visit www.dentaskedpatients.com to be the first to know when the Android version is out.

Yes, you do! By creating a DentaSked account, you are now just a few taps away from oral health. Start by creating a DentaSked account. You can do it in two ways:

  1. Log in with Facebook. If you choose this option, you will be redirected to Facebook which will then ask your permission to allow DentaSked to access your account. Click “Okay”.
  2. “Sign Up” option. If you choose this option, fill up basic information needed to set up your account. An SMS verification code will then be sent to your mobile phone to confirm your registration.
From the Home Page you can either fill in your email address and password or simply log in with your Facebook account.

If you know the name of your dentist or his/her clinic:

  1. Tap on Search (it’s the magnifying glass on the top right corner of the Home Page).
  2. Type the name of your dentist or the name of his/her clinic, on the Search Field.
  3. A list of suggested dentists and clinics based on your search will appear on your screen.

Now that you’ve found a dentist you’ll need to Request an Appointment. You can do this by simply:

  1. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page and selecting a service you’ll be needing
  2. Tap Request Appointment.
  3. You will then be presented of your schedule details
  4. Tap Confirm to finalize your request

    Your requested appointment will now fall under the Pending list under My Visits on your sidebar. You will be notified within 24 hours once your request has been confirmed.

If you want to cancel or reschedule an appointment you should:

  1. Tap on the sidebar button on the top left of your screen
  2. Under My Visits, go to Upcoming and from there you will see the list of your confirmed appointments
  3. Select an appointment you want to cancel/reschedule
  4. Tap on Cancel Appointment
  5. A pop up will appear asking you to choose if you want to call to cancel or reschedule