Frequently Asked Questions

What is DentaSked Partners?

DentaSked is the one-stop app for all your scheduling needs. With DentaSked, patients and dentists can book and manage appointments, all on their mobile devices. 

You no longer have to worry about your patients missing clinic hours to book an appointment. DentaSked™ mobile app will allow your patients to set an appointment 24/7 based on their preferred location, availability, service, and health card coverage. Your clinic secretary can then transfer offline bookings and coordinate with them, while dentists receive immediate notifications for daily appointments.

*An Android version will also be launched soon.

How can we sign-up?

You can sign-up by visiting

Dentists with existing iPhone (iOS) devices will receive email instructions on how to download the app within 48 hours. An activation code will also be provided once your clinic profile has been reviewed and uploaded in the app.

Android users and DentaSked for Patient schedule announcements will be posted in our website. For clarifications, you can visit for the FAQs.

Who can we contact for support and clarifications?

You can send us an email at or check for updates. We’ll post our FAQs here as well.

How much is the registration fee?

Dentasked is 100% free. You just need a working iPhone device and an active DentaSked account to start booking.

Who created DentaSked?

DentaSked is developed by the Listerine team with the goal of allowing easier access for patients to go to their dentists. This will also enable the dentists to spend less time worrying on  appointments  and  focus on their practice. But more than just offering hassle-free scheduling, DentaSked gives dentists, patients and secretary a space to market your practice with no additional cost by including it in the list of PDA approved clinics.

Is the app publicly available in the Apple app store? When can my patients and fellow dentists who weren’t able to visit PDA convention sign-up?

Not yet. All sign-ups during the PDA Convention will be part of the exclusive beta where qualified number of clinics with iOS devices will be enrolled, notified and be searchable in the app.

This will give them exclusive access to the app and provide comments for improvement based on their requirement. We’ve been developing and improving the app for the past year and the app will be publicly available within 2016 for patients and partners. 

Patients who want to request early access can sign-up via

What happens after I sign up at your booth?

Users with apple or iphone devices will get email instructions on how to install the app. Activation code will be given once their account has been created and uploaded.

Meanwhile, Android Users will be notified once android becomes available.

You can invite other dentists to join the exclusive beta access by sharing.

What if I don't have a secretary?  I’m a Government Employed Dentist. I have no secretary.

Dentist can enroll current phone and account info to register and create a Secretary account. However, the App is currently designed for clinic and hospital-based dentists with secretaries. Comments and suggestions for your requirement can be sent during exclusive beta access on how else we can improve the app based on your need.

What if I have an offline list or existing bookings that are not from DentaSked? Can I add it?

Yes, you can either invite your patients to try DentaSked or import your current bookings in the app so DentaSked can notify you if you have schedule conflict to a booking.

When will the Android version be available?

Target is Q4 2016.  You can visit for regular updates.

Users who signed-up during the PDA convention and indicated 'Android' will also be notified via email once it's available.

The iPhone version was launched first so we can limit the users clinics and users during the exclusive beta testing. Once more features have been tested and improved, it will be made available for Android.

How will DentaSked benefit me and my practice?

DentaSked has four main advantage:

  1. Convenient Scheduling. Ensure hassle-free booking between clinics and patients by booking and rescheduling appointments anytime.

  2. Simple and Easy Management. Your clinic administrator can manage multiple dentists with an efficient management system

  3. Wider Reach. Patients can now conveniently look for your clinic, increasing visibility and helping you reach beyond your normal clientele.

  4. Trusted Network. DentaSked™ and our partner clinics are fully certified and recognized by the Philippine Dental Association.

Other features include:

Sync Calendar. Booked appointments on the app conveniently sync with your Google calendar.

Manage Multiple Dentists. Stay on top of booking dental appointments with multiple dentists on your clinic.

Reduce No-Shows. You're immediately informed when patients change their booked schedules to reduce cancellations and missed appointments.

What if I'm from Visayas or outside Metro Manila - can I still use it? Western Visayas and other areas don’t have stable 3g or wifi.

Yes, as long as you have an iPhone, stable internet connection and an active account. You can receive and manage booking requests.

Schedule on android version will be announced on

Will you have Medical / Dental Records?

No, but we're considering automatic HMO verification and dental records in our future features! The app currently allows booking for iOS devices. Schedule for the Android version release will be posted on

Will it work on IPAD?

Yes but the screen layout is designed for Iphone 5 and above. We suggest using it on an Iphone 5 device or higher. Visit for regular updates and new screensizes available.

How secure is the app? What if random users just try to book and not show up?

App uses mobile number authentication, secured socket layer (ssl) certificates and best practice for authentication for access and database security. This is also moderated by J&J IT and security team.

Patients and clinics will also be moderated and blocked for suspicious booking activities or multiple no-show to appointments. An appointment reminder will also be provided to patients to avoid last minute cancellation or option to reschedule when needed.

I’m from a Dental Chain. Do we need one iPhone for each dentist?

No. Your clinic administrator can manage multiple dentists with an efficient management system.

Do we need wifi and 3g?

Yes, app needs stable mobile data or wifi connection to get and approve bookings.

How big is the file?

20MB. Reasonable file size is 50Mb.

Do you have more questions?

Email us at